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You've had those feels before - the biggest drop in your favorite song by an artist you've been eager to see, surrounded by family.


Now let's talk about some different feels. Everyone's fucking tired of anxiously waiting in long lines to be felt up and rubbed down by a bunch of party poopers. The thought of losing your festival essentials can be nerve wracking. What happens when you need some gum or a little chapstick? We all just want to bring in our party supplies without being so nervous.

It was January 1, 2017, J&M were exhausted from an amazing NYE at Decadence Arizona. During our coffee-fueled roadtrip back to Utah, we thought about the hour long traffic crawling into the venue, the nervous glances and awkward adjusting we saw from others in line, and the intense security scavenger hunts. M had to smuggle in her lip balm and J had to find a hiding spot for his bottles of citrus bliss and peppermint essential oils.

For 10 hours in that car, we thought of nothing but clever ways to get around this annoying phenomenon we found ourselves in every festival season. We love EDM festivals and shows and we’re pretty damn responsible adults. It’s annoying to own 14 open tubes of chapstick just because I need one for every. single. day. of. every. single. festival. It’s annoying to take off boots that have been laced up tight just in case there’s something in there besides my sweaty ass socks. And it’s SO annoying to be questioned about the legitimacy of the Tums I forgot to take out of my fanny pack.

But the pestering doesn’t end with us.

From a friend who spent all the money he saved for grad school on court fees, to the friend who went to jail for vitamins they thought were suspicious, we’ve heard story after story from the weekend warrior community. We take care of each other and take care of ourselves. Dealing with real-life long-term consequences after a festival weekend isn’t part of the plan, nor should it be an option.

It had to end.

So we started a thing.

And we want to share that thing with you.

​We've been felt up and held up and we're fed up. There have been way too many friends put in time out for just trying to have fun. So, we created Festivaults to ensure that everyone has the time of their lives at every event. These products have successfully entered hundreds of events without a second glance.

Are you ready to party?




Festivaults does not condone any illegal use of these products.